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Pokémon GO! Egg Hatching, Perfect Magikarp to Gyarados Evolution and MORE!

Jenny becomes a computer

I don't always feature in Minecraft videos, but when I do it's as a sentient piece of technology (see 11:56 onwards)

Euro 2016: Want to be ‘in the game’?

It's time for your chance to feature in a video by being part of my football team, which is going to totally own* the European Championships! (*lose)

As with the 2014 World Cup I'll be using Ascaron's rather unique On The Ball franchise (it's in DOS!) to manage you all to glory. I might even try with additional games if I can find anything suitable...

Please provide some information about yourself as below and I will do the rest! If you did this for the World Cup and want to play again with the same details, just drop a line below confirming that.


The game is a brilliant combination of football and silliness in which you have to control your players' personalities and what they get up to off the pitch as much as you have to think about the matches. Will you fall over a cake trolley? Get caught out on the town with nefarious characters? Storm off the training pitch after being sworn at?

Please the following details as quickly as you can (if you're not sure about your player attributes I can make it up for you:

First Name
Position (Goalkeeper, Defence, Sweeper, Defensive Midfield, Attacking Midfield, Left Midfield, Right Midfield, Striker)
Self-confidence (0 = very sensitive to 5 = arrogant)
Composure (0 = ultracool to 5 = hot-headed)
Attitude (0= very relaxed to 5 = winning is everything)

Optional - you can also choose three things you are especially good or bad at:

For goalkeepers - taking crosses/positional play/good at coming off line/good on the ball/penalties/authority/reflexes
For outfield players - penalties/free kicks/heading/speed/crosses/shooting strength/goalscoring/one-on-one/playmaking/stamina/technique/dribbling

We will be playing as a random side as there is no choice to change team/country names, although if I get enough people I will set up the opposition team as well.

Can we bring home the Cup (wherever home is)?

On The Ball - World Cup Edition

See what happened when my subscribers joined my ice hockey team:


Fallout 4: Food Edition

Fallout 4 is out, and it's ALL about the food. At least when I play it.

Gorge yourself on this nonsense:

You Woz Ere

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