Sim City 5

Bendypondtacoville: And so it ends

Alas, the city of bends, taco shops and a pond voted me out. Here's the last episode of the series, in which despondency hits. Hard.

SimCity: Some Nice Shots (Part 1)

I do faff about in SimCity without going into Bendypondtacoville...

Sim City fire

...sometimes it goes wrong!

Sim City construction

People clamouring to build new plots in a place which will almost certainly be on fire in ten minutes.

Sim City cinema

It's always very cool to get a cinema.

Sim City nightlife

The nightlife around here is great - giant food, a place to hang out...what more would you want? Oh yes - not to be on fire.

SimCity Houses of Worship DLC

See the new DLC (along with the electric cars DLC) used in Bendypondtacoville:

Let’s Play Sim City 5 (Badly) : #3: Taking The Peace

Jennyville: Because nothing good ever lasts

They shut me down. I don't know whether it was the crime or the death or the big field or the appalling road network. Whatever it was, Jennyville was crushed like the bugs that it was full of. Thank goodness for the ability to start again.

Let’s Play Sim City 5 (Badly) – #1: Commercial Awareness (HD)

The series that's been called 'so addictive it's like video game crack'...not by me...let's make a mess of the new Sim City!

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