Sim City 5

Bendypondtacoville: And so it ends

Alas, the city of bends, taco shops and a pond voted me out. Here's the last episode of the series, in which despondency hits. Hard.

SimCity: Some Nice Shots (Part 1)

I do faff about in SimCity without going into Bendypondtacoville...

Sim City fire

...sometimes it goes wrong!

Sim City construction

People clamouring to build new plots in a place which will almost certainly be on fire in ten minutes.

Sim City cinema

It's always very cool to get a cinema.

Sim City nightlife

The nightlife around here is great - giant food, a place to hang out...what more would you want? Oh yes - not to be on fire.

SimCity Houses of Worship DLC

See the new DLC (along with the electric cars DLC) used in Bendypondtacoville:


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