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Jenny’s Relax-O-Vision Livestream (Singing Bowls)

Something a bit different from the normal livestreams.

Jenny (Barely) Manages: An F1 Team

Jenny (Barely) Manages: A Football Club

Choose Your Own Knightmare Adventure: LIVE!

Join our adventure through the Knightmare dungeon: nostalgia, bloody death, and meat pie!

GameplayJenny involved in MURDER!

Sometimes I turn up in other people's videos! Check MrBillWulf's hilarious murder investigation...

Team GB Bobsledding needs YOU!

You might enjoy me taking virtual risks, but some people do it for real.

Bobsledding is an awesome sport and the Great Britain team has a real chance of medalling. However, they need some funds to help them out with their preparations.

Watch me attempt to join the squad and then visit their website! (Donations). Please click on the adverts in the video as all revenues will go directly to the team.

John Jackson: Twitter/Website

Paula Walker: Twitter/Website

British Bobsleigh's website

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Come back every day and get your dot on the Globe of GameplayJenny! If a dot is pulsing, that user is on the site right now. Visitors come from all over the world, including Finland, Tunisia, Norway, Australia and Ireland.

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