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My Subscribers – You’re In The Game! (NHL Hockey 95 Let’s Play)

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Here's what you'll need to provide to take part in a future NHL Hockey 95 game!

To create a player for you I need:

1) Your name (bear in mind that the game will need two parts, i.e. 'Gameplay Jenny', 'John Smith')
2) Your position (goaltender, defence, left wing, centre, right wing)
3) Which way you shoot (left or right - it's whichever hand is furthest down the stick)
4) Your stats (see below)
5) Your squad number and an alternative

NHL 95 allows the allocation of points into skills. It's generally from 45 to 95 with the odd exception. You can either do this yourself, or give me a general idea of the player you'd like to be and let me do it. Due to various little quirks you might not get exactly what you want but it'll be as close as I can get it.

If you want to be a goalie use this
If you want to be a skater use this

A team has two goalies, six defencemen, and twelve forwards. As I can only have two goalies it is first come, first served - you will also not see your name displayed as much, as (barring some miracle) you won't score goals. Mind you, with me at the helm, neither will anyone else!

If you're having any problems, contact me over Twitter (@GameplayJenny) or by e-mail (channel @

Let's get a team together and beat those All-Stars!

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