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I don't update this site very often when I really should, not least because it costs me a fortune to maintain.

BUT! Something exciting is on its way, and I need to announce it here. Mr Biffo (Paul Rose), writer of Channel 4 Teletext's Digitiser pages in the 1990s and website now, is launching a live-action show version of the madness and has asked me to be one of his co-presenters.

I'm both very honoured and completely stunned. Reading Digitiser every day was the reason why I started writing 'properly'; getting the opportunity to work with the person whose style I tried to imitate, and be an integral part of such a huge project, is beyond amazing.

My co-hosts will be Mr Biffo himself and Larry Bundy Jr, along with a likely cast of characters from the halcyon days of Digitiser.

It will be like nothing else I've done before, not least because I will be pressing reveal on my face for the first time on screen. For some of you that could be an intensely distressing experience, particularly if you've been picturing me as some kind of Miranda Kerr or Lara Stone-type figure, which I most assuredly am not. Miranda, perhaps. Or Lara Croft without any of the appealing 'bits'.

What I do hope is that I am able to contribute my own brand of 'bits' - humour, obvious maturity, total chaos - in a way that makes the show even more entertaining to watch than it would have been anyway.

Keep a look out for the announcement of the Kickstarter on Friday 9th March and for more news on our respective Twitter feeds.

Digitiser: The Show

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