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Jungle is massive!

My new show, Jenny's Jungle, made the Top 100 trending shows on Mixcloud this week! Catch up in this handy player!

Down on the farm…

Join me in the latest Stardew Valley, where the parsnip empire reaps rewards and fishing proves less than lucrative...

8-Bit Awesome

Nintendo NES games incoming!!

Oblivion: The End

Well, it's time to move on. After 60 episodes of the second series, Oblivion finishes in fairly epic style.

I know that a lot of you really enjoy watching it, and if I'm honest it's probably the easiest game to record - not to mention the completely crazy moments it throws up. It's almost like it was written for me to play and comment on, and it is a bit of a shame that it's no longer pulling in the views.

BUT! It will be replaced with Stardew Valley, a game which is just as popular in its own right and which I'm hoping will generate all kinds of silliness. And it's got loads of food in it, which is always a plus.

Here are the final two episodes of Oblivion. Please watch them both to the end; and if you find yourself missing the series immediately after watching, you can watch the whole lot again thanks to a handy playlist. Or, if you can stand years-old audio quality, BOTH series. Using another handy playlist. Enjoy (and maybe leave a comment).

Time for something new: #1

Recently I've been thinking about playing some much older games. I used to have problems recording from DOSBox, but I seem to have got it all sorted - I can even stream them properly now. So playing more DOS games looks like a good idea. I'm currently playing Theme Hospital, which is technically a DOS game, but now that I'm using CorsixTH it's not quite the same.

I did a little test the other day with one of my absolute favourites, NHL Hockey 95, and I've decided that I'll do a mini-series when the NHL playoff finals come around. Of course, if Vegas somehow gets to the finals - or indeed any other franchise created since 1994 - that could be difficult. But whatever the case, I'll be doing my own version. Look out for me playing and streaming some older games soon, probably starting with that horrific Pizza Tycoon thing I failed so badly at last week!

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